Feel free to ender feedback and suggestions on the Schreurs travel pages


07:05 06-08-2020
Asaad Ahmed
I just stumbled upon your website a few weeks ago and have been going through post after post. I have to congratulate you on some of the best travel posts I`ve read in a long time. I`ve learnt so much about a myriad of topics reading about your different trips. You`ve been great ambassadors to the amazing outdoors of Oman. I wish you were still there, travelling and telling us about more places to visit etc.
Geantwoord op: 10:31 06-08-2020

Hi Ahmed,
Thanks for the nice words. Oman still has a special place in our hearts. I know you are in lockdown because of corona and that must be difficult. Take care. Jan

14:31 05-11-2017
Jean-Hugues Jacquema
Hello Jan,
We have been following your tracks and explorations in Oman for a while, and we are now planning a trip to the Northern Huqf area. I was wondering if you would still have your GPS tracks for that trip (http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/oman/Nhuqf.htm) ? This would certainly help finding our way over there, even if things may have slightly changed since you did your trip…

Also, I was wondering if you would know a place called ‘Jebel Kobra’ as described here: http://www.omantrekkingguides.com/circuit-en.asp?circid=1766 ? It has probably another name, but I could not find it yet…

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,
Geantwoord op: 15:16 05-11-2017

The area that you refer to is protected and sensitive and therefore needs permissions from the authorities. It is also a trip that has significant risks and needs to be well prepared. People have been in trouble. So as a rule I do not provide tracks unless I am sure permissions, safety and sensitivities are taken care of. I don't know a jebel called Kobra. I guess the trip goes along the coast southwards through the eastern edge of the Wahiba sands, so the jebel may be at the northeastern edge of the Wahiba sands.

22:30 13-10-2017
Jens Rodiek
Hello Jan,
I may have a totally strange question and I hope you don't mind answering it. I am looking for a 4x4 SUV rental with a roof rack. Would you have a recommendation where to hire one in Muscat?

Thanks, Jens
Geantwoord op: 17:07 14-10-2017

Hi Jens,
You may have noticed we left Oman in 2010, so I am not up to date. There are plenty of normal rental companies, also at the airport. You can find them on the internet. The normal gang of rental companies. They also rent 4x4. Do not off-road on your own. You have seen my warnings (I hope). Always with at least a second car, well prepared. Jan

11:26 22-02-2017
Hugo Poelen
Hallo Jan,

We were in Oman in 2006, were we met you and your wife Lilian. At that time we used quite a bit of the information on trips etc. We even made a DVD afterwards. Now we prepare for another short stay for a week in Oman, early March. And I see your website is still alive and kicking. But I suppose you and Lilian have moved on in the meantime.
All the best
Hugo Poelen
Geantwoord op: 14:30 22-02-2017

Hi Hugo. Have fun. We indeed left and particularly now in the Dutch wet winter days miss the Omani sun a lot. Whenever I am told about big changes I update the site, but can't check myself anymore. Greetings / groeten Jan

09:19 30-01-2017
Dear Jan,

My husband and I are planning to sail the coast of Oman. And in my research I found your informative and interesting web site. I hope we will be as luck as you are in our explorations.

This might be a while back, but is it possible to give the coordinates of where you found the steam ship engine and the other parts of the wreck around Naifun and Ras Sudrah beach area? I have not been able to spot any fishing village in that area.

Did you find any information about this ship?

Thank you and I hope you continue your amazing adventure with the family.

Best Regards,
Geantwoord op: 11:42 30-01-2017

All tracks are available on http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/mapoman/OmanGoogiline.htm
as Google Earth kmz files (zipped) via the Oman link map and that includes Ras Sudrah. We could not track down the identity of the ship itself. Not sure whether the boiler will be still there.

15:14 24-01-2017
Berni Gunzenhauser
Dear Jan,

Many thanks for your reply dated 15 January. I will be in Oman from 23 March to 6 April. Unfortunately we will not go down to the Huqf area, but visit some of the equally spectular places down in Dofar and in the Omani Mountains. I saw in your contrubution on Jebel Madmar your reference on the field guide for AAPG. I was searching the AAPG website but I couldn't find the article. Would you have a PDF and send it to me please? The cross section shown in your contribution may be from my report on the Salakh arch based on 2D lines of the eighties.
Have I ever sent you some of the pictures taken by P. Allenbach at Ain Hindi? To which address could I send them by email?

Best regards

Geantwoord op: 17:10 24-01-2017

Hi Berni
Will contact you by mail. Jan

18:09 14-01-2017
Berni Gunzenhauser
Dear Jan,
I worked for PDO back in the eighties as well-site and exploration geologist.
I now plan a trip to Oman second half of March.
I would have some questions:
Is Shuram travel still in business and which local travel agency would you recommend for some trekking to the mountains and areas like the Huqf. I did some field work there together with Arthur van Vliet and good old Mike Hughes-Clark. By chopper we flew to acouple of places amongst others Saiwan area with oil seeps, rudist reefs, fossil wood etc and probably as the first ones to the striated pavement at Ain Hindi and Wadi Al Khlata. I heard that apparently the area at the western edge and into the Oryx sanctary is completely closed for trekking. Do you know more?
Many thanks in advance and best regards

Geantwoord op: 09:25 15-01-2017

Hi Berni,
Yes Shuram is still in business and I would surely recommend them. You can find their details on the web https://www.instagram.com/shuram.tourism/ and e-mail : Tourism@shuramgroup.com
Yes, most of what you describe as having seen by helicopter has limited access and needs permissions. For good reasons as this area is environmentally very sensitive. Accessibility has improved a lot since your helicopter days. Shuram may be able to help you with that.
Regards, Jan

10:20 11-11-2016
I'd like you to ask to provide the GPS-tracks of your both trips
1) Northern Huqf 25-29 December 2001 (http://home.kpn.nl/lilian_jan_schreurs/oman/Nhuqf.htm)
2) Khaluf Beach and Qarn Aswad October 2006 (http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_schreurs/oman/Khaluf.htm)
to me.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Geantwoord op: 17:09 13-11-2016

All tracks that I can release are available on the site in the oman travel map: http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/mapoman/OmanGoogiline.htm
Those that I have not included are in protected areas that require permissions.
I hope this explains

13:34 16-10-2016
Val Taylor

a long time ago you visited the coast south of Muscat, including Fins Beach. I camped there in 2015 and took some photos of sunken round stone constructions on the cliff top which i assumed were goat enclosures or hides. now i wonder if they might be really ancient beehive tombs or similar, much degradad. i can send photos by email

best wishes Val
Geantwoord op: 09:12 17-10-2016

Hi Val,
Thanks for your message. I will contact you.

23:35 08-02-2016
Thanks a lot for sharing all these information we can find on your website for visiting Oman.
It is like the bible, it takes some time but I have almost finished.
I am planning to drive across the Empty Quarter like you did on this page http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_schreurs/oman/EmptyQ2Rasmad.htm
But in your page, you mentioned some checkpoints and permit. Do you have any news on this topic?
I would like to visit only the north part from Fahud to Abu tabul, then probably reach the main road at Al Gabah.
It seems Fahud is the last petrol station, so do you think the full tank + 1 or 2 jerry cans are enough to do the loop and reach Adam?
Thank you
Geantwoord op: 06:56 09-02-2016

Hi Jonathan,
Fahud (or Yibal) are last petrol stops. There are oil facilities on-route in case of problems, but you can work-out distance and fuel consumption and take twice as much. Do not drive alone (at least two cars, preferably same make to be able to swap tyres).
I am not up to date on checkpoints, but they will be there and may not let you through.
Please read my warning stories as well. If you are prepared nothing will happen and you will wonder why one has to be careful, but if you are not prepared and somehing happens you are in trouble.
Take care, Jan

20:57 01-02-2016
hallo friends.
Fantastic your trips in Oman!!! I came in Oman first time in 1997 and from this year i have made many km but now i read that there are more thinks to know....
i would like if its possible to have your GPS coordinates fot to discovery fossils and other.
Many thanks Ettore
Geantwoord op: 18:32 02-02-2016

Ettore, tracks and coordinates (Google Earth) are on the site and on the travel map. Not for all places because of sensitivity en need to protect. Hope you understand.

18:48 19-01-2016
Tamas Merenyi
Hi Guys,

I was reading your experience about Oman. It is a fantastic blog, thank you to sharing your honest feelings and thoughts about Oman.
We are going to visit Oman for 3 weeks.
May can I ask you to send me the Garmin GPS trip files? That would help us a lot as we have only 4 days to be prepared for this tirp
Geantwoord op: 20:24 19-01-2016

Most GPS data are accessible through in the stories as google earth files. I put then there to avoid having to send each time people request. Those that are not available I do not share to protect particular sensitive areas. Please also note the warnings and stories I added about being careful and well prepared for real desert trips. People have been in trouble.
Hope this explains. Kind regards Jan

11:02 20-12-2015

Dit weekend voor de tweede maal de snake gedaan.
De canyon is vrij droog dus weinig springen en koud water
Het was fantastisch.

We nemen de hike op in website : www.dubaihiking.org

Bedankt voor de tips

Nu de via ferrata in bani awf en de long snake canyon
We hebben een eindje touw gelezen btw.
Lijkt me een fun trip.

Beste wensen einde jaar en heel erg bedankt voor de info op je website.

15:06 29-08-2015
Clive Delves
To : Sangita
there are several free and decent quality android map/gps applications that store the satellite images on the device ie: "off-line"..
One such is called 'Maverick" and the maps available for Oman from Microsoft Hybrid are all quite recent, newer than Google earth, and are of a better quality and clarity as well.

For off-road the application is very good, it will navigate point to point, you can add waypoints in several formats, record your tracks, save tracks and the maps can be saved in different zoom levels and they can be zoomed into themselves, and since they are saved on the device they are available 24/7.
I use maverick and a garmin together, since "birdseye" images from garmin is rubbish quality especially in Oman and UAE.
Geantwoord op: 21:04 29-08-2015

Hi CD, never had the time to write these stories into a book. The book that I co-authored is purely geolgical and of little interest beyond the geology. It is well known in the geological community like the book I co-auhored on the geology of Brunei. I kept these webpages instead of a book and I know it has reached many more people than a book ever would (that's what the web statistics show). That is enough for me and believe me it is also very rewarding for the many messages I get directly.
I have always used various satellite maps loaded in OziExplorer, which is doing the same trick you are describing. Easy to navigate on good satellite maps from point to point.
Thanks for the updates. I am sure someone out there will benefit from your advise.
Have fun

14:54 29-08-2015
Clive Delves
Regards Empty Quarter access.

As at November 2014 the Oman checkpoint at Marsawdad (19° 25.809' 54° 24.918') would not let travelers through heading in the southerly direction towards the Saudi/Oman/Yeman border, without an accompanying Omani driver. But heading to the north is accepted.

I hope to be travelling the route from 'South to North' later this year and will update if anything has changed.
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