Feel free to ender feedback and suggestions on the Schreurs travel pages


14:41 29-08-2015
Clive Delves
Hi there
For many years I have been using your oman travels pages to gleen information and enhance my own adventures around Oman and never did I see that you had a book published or even this visitors page. So now that I have caught up with time, where can I find details of your book? is it only about Oman? is it very heavily into geological details or it is open to all types and can be of interest to all explorers?..

The effort and detail that you have taken the time to labour over has been appreciated by those who know this site and I am sure they will give you a vote of thanks for the lasting legacy we find here.

20:49 22-07-2015
Inge van der Wijk
Hoi Jan en Lilian,
Zijn jullie wel eens van Muscat naar Salalah gereden?
Toen wij in Muscat woonden zijn we wel een keer naar Salalah gevlogen, maar we
vragen ons af of het te doen is per 4x4. De laatste keer dat we in Oman waren was
januari 2011 en toen vonden we al dat er zoveel was veranderd. Nu zijn we al weer 4 jaar verder.
Alvast bedankt!
Geantwoord op: 19:05 23-07-2015

Dat hebben we een aantal keren gedaan. Zou nu ook langs de kustweg moeten kunnen. Wel een heel lange rit en een 4x4 is zeker NIET nodig. Groet

17:56 15-07-2015
Hans dols
Hi Jan en Lillian. Leuk om jullie Oman verhalen te lezen.
Wij zijn net van Brunei naar Miri verhuisd. Wilden deze zomer nog even naar nederland komen via een stopover in Dubei en struikelde zo over een link naar jullie site. (In de lonely planet thorntree section) Het allerbeste van ons allemaal. Hans Novi en de kinderen.
Geantwoord op: 19:17 15-07-2015

dag Hans,
Kom langs zou ik zeggen. Waar zitten jullie ny?

10:03 08-01-2015
Nasser Al Fazari
Hallo Jan,
Many thanks for this powerful and professional demonstration which will be go down to history.
I really admire the way of your geological interpretations which are supported by maps, cross section and sketches and easy to understood by non geologists.
I am sure that many geo-scientists and citizens will benefit from that for long time.
Nasser Al Fazari
Geantwoord op: 11:32 08-01-2015

Nasser, I love your beautiful country and its people. Thanks for your kind words. Jan

12:28 11-12-2014
Dear Jan,

17yrs in Oman seem like a waste until I stumbled upon your blog and your book a year ago. Life has never been the same. But for Musandum routes most others have been done to the dots and Ts as in your posts. It has been wonderful experiencing Oman this way.

I have a few issues:
The UMT readings: unsure how to use them bcoz my devices use only the Lat / Long coordinates. Also at times I land up in the wadi but not able to spot the items (folds, fossils, carbonate lakes, etc) mentioned in posts with pics. So how can you help? I need to be able to work with offline map and markings as Omantel connect is unreliable most often in remote areas.

Geantwoord op: 10:38 08-01-2015

There are many conversion applications for coordinates on the internet. Also many GPS devices set-up allows you to change reference system. I have provided all routes as easy as possible in google map material. If you drive in a country like Oman there is no use for navigation software: what you need is a good GPS with mapping applications that works independently of the phone network. Have a look at GPS visualiser: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/gpsbabel/

I am afraid that even with the right coordinates it is not always easy to spot geological features. It does need you to know what you are looking for and looking at. I remember meeting a lady who was painting in the Oman mountains and when I explained to her waht I saw she started to look at the mountains in a very different way and that impacted her painting.
Have fun

18:22 22-11-2014
Virgilio Liverani
Hallo, thank you for all the good info in your site. I would like to make some photos of the rudists reef like the wonderful ones seen in internet, can you please explain to me if there is a not too difficult road to the reef from the main road near Filim ? I will be with friends with one offroad car, and we have no experience of desert. My friends have been 4 times in Masirah, but not further.
Many thanks, Virgilio
Geantwoord op: 20:01 23-11-2014

Hi Virgilio,
You may have read in the explanations on the Huqf area where the rudist reef is located that I do not provide coordinates to protect the site. Hope you understand. I also would not travel off-road with a single car and without experience. In case of trouble you are in deep trouble. Take care.

19:56 05-11-2014
Kees Zaal
Hi Jan, your website and the book oman off-road have been excellent sources of inspiration for our last 3 holidays in Oman. This time I was checking your Musandam page and I have a practical question about your trip from Khasab to Sayh plateau and acacia forest. Would it be driveable in a 2wd with high clearance?

Geantwoord op: 22:05 05-11-2014

Not sure. At the time it was quite variable. They may have improved the road, but unpredictable rain can create damage. It has been too long since we have been there to give you a reliable statement. Quite some people living there so a good road is essential, so you could give it a try

11:44 17-01-2014
MAlcolm Ashworth
Hi Jan,
A very interesting website. I would like to re-do your trip entitled "Northern Huqf
25-29 December 2001". Is it possible to send me the GPS tracks and coordinates for your trip.

Many thanks, Malcolm
Geantwoord op: 17:40 19-01-2014

This trip goes into protected, sensitive area. On top of that this is also a difficult area and I generally therefore do not provide details unless I am sure that the right level of safety as well as permissions are in place. Hope you understand. Kind regards. Jan

22:30 20-09-2013
Hi Jan,

I like your Homepage. It is very interesting to read all the reports and see the amazing pictures. Can you give me an advice? I´m searching for a possibility to rent a 4x4 for an offroad trip from Muskat to Salalah and back.

Best wishes
Geantwoord op: 23:35 20-09-2013

You don't need a 4WD to drive to Salalah and back. Normal car is a lot cheaper. 1000km drive one way. If you intend to go offroad, don't do it on your own. You can find rental cars in Oman on the internet. I preferred Shuram company, because they maintain their cars well and have double spare tyres.

08:27 15-03-2013
Hi Jan
thank you for your feedback
kind regards
11:23 14-03-2013
Gwen Heyns
Hi Jan
is is safe for 2 females to travel Oman? Are there any cheap rooms to hire in Muscat.
We will be travelling from South Africa and our Rands/money wittles down to nothing when we travel abroad. Also would like to do the wadi at Tiwi...but the 1 day tours are very expensive for us South Africans.....do you have any local knowledge on local tour guides. thank you kind regards
Geantwoord op: 19:34 14-03-2013

Female travelling is fine in Oman. People are friendly if they are treated with respect. For cheap hotels you have to search in Google a bit, but I would not recommend the bottom of the range. Oman is not backpackers country and if you are on a tight budget and depend on others it will not be easy. Tiwi is very touristic and requires a car to get there. A guide and car are never cheap. Better hire a car and drive yourself to nice places, most of which are easy to get to. Low budget can spoil the holiday fun.

09:21 15-01-2013
Zain Al Tauqi
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Zain Al Tauqi, I'm a reporter with the Muscat Daily newspaper. I came across your very interesting descriptions and photographs of Hasa bin Sult. I believe you wrote it in 2009. The figures are very clear in your phogogaphs. After reading your travel page, I went to take a look last year. It wasn't very clear, but I could see the figures. Last weekend, I went back to Hasa bin Sult, and the figures were almost completely gone...you really had to use your imagination to see anything. I'd really like to write a story about this, as it's interesting that something that lasted over 1400 years (minimum) almost disappears in four years...please get in touch with me as I really need your help to put together a story.

Zain Al Tauqi
Muscat Daily
Geantwoord op: 18:40 15-01-2013

Dear Zain, I will be happy to help and will send you my e-mail seperately. Seeing the figures has a lot to do with the light. I hope you have seen the additional information I included on the old figures and I could get you in touch with an archeologist. Will send you private e-mail.

17:34 28-12-2012
Hello Jan,
we will visit Oman in next March and (besides nature generally) we are interested in Geology and Minerals, too. As I've read, you visited as well the old copper mines.
Did you manage to visit the exiting mines, like the Aarja Mine? Do you know, if this is possible?

Thank you for our interesting home page.

Kind regards,
Geantwoord op: 18:29 02-01-2013

Yes, we have visited the copper mines (open cast type), but you would need to get in touch with the company. My contacts are probably not there anymore. The old mines have a lot to see. I wonder whether you found my fieldguide covering that area? http://sites.google.com/site/liljanschreurs/Home/wadi-jizzi-geological-excursion



06:20 04-11-2012
Dear Jan,

I write this email just to say a big Thanks! Your web site along with explorer guides have been our bible in Oman. We have been all over Muscat and your tips are still updated and very very useful.

we can't thank you enough! - Joana & Paulo from Portugal
Geantwoord op: 12:36 04-11-2012

Thank you. Such comments after 2 years out of Oman are nice and awaken fond memories.

21:32 14-10-2012
Lenka Bartels
Hi Jan,
this year will be our third visit of Oman. We really like this country and its inhabitants! We have been inspired by your pages - they are very informative and nicely done. This time we hope to be able to see also some of the Huqf area and possibly also travel along the new coastal road up to Salalah (the geology between Qanawt and Hasik must be very special).
- Since we will have a 4x4 but will be driving alone - do you think we can visit e.g. Qarn Mahatta (or Wadi Baw with the graveyard) safely or would you recommend us to try to find an Omani with a car to drive with us or bring us there?
- Another thing would be the track in the Huqf are to see the rudist reef, "stone age flint", pinackle etc. Perhaps there is a new approach possible from the the cross road (Muhut - al Hayma)?
-The last question: we saw already Qarat Kibrit , is it worth driving to Qarn al Sahmah salt dome?
Thank you very much for your reply! Should you ever come to southern Germany we would be glad to help you as well - Lenka
Geantwoord op: 18:52 15-10-2012

Although real offroad becomes easier with new roads every year the desert remains a place to be careful, see http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/oman/GetPrepared.htm . I would never advise anybody to travel alone offroad. The sites you are asking for in the Huqf are rather sensitive and that's the reason I do not distribute coordinates freely. Hope you understand. Qarn Sahmah is a nice place, yes another salt dome, but special on its own because of its very size (big).

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