Feel free to ender feedback and suggestions on the Schreurs travel pages


17:34 28-12-2012
Hello Jan,
we will visit Oman in next March and (besides nature generally) we are interested in Geology and Minerals, too. As I've read, you visited as well the old copper mines.
Did you manage to visit the exiting mines, like the Aarja Mine? Do you know, if this is possible?

Thank you for our interesting home page.

Kind regards,
Geantwoord op: 18:29 02-01-2013

Yes, we have visited the copper mines (open cast type), but you would need to get in touch with the company. My contacts are probably not there anymore. The old mines have a lot to see. I wonder whether you found my fieldguide covering that area? http://sites.google.com/site/liljanschreurs/Home/wadi-jizzi-geological-excursion



06:20 04-11-2012
Dear Jan,

I write this email just to say a big Thanks! Your web site along with explorer guides have been our bible in Oman. We have been all over Muscat and your tips are still updated and very very useful.

we can't thank you enough! - Joana & Paulo from Portugal
Geantwoord op: 12:36 04-11-2012

Thank you. Such comments after 2 years out of Oman are nice and awaken fond memories.

21:32 14-10-2012
Lenka Bartels
Hi Jan,
this year will be our third visit of Oman. We really like this country and its inhabitants! We have been inspired by your pages - they are very informative and nicely done. This time we hope to be able to see also some of the Huqf area and possibly also travel along the new coastal road up to Salalah (the geology between Qanawt and Hasik must be very special).
- Since we will have a 4x4 but will be driving alone - do you think we can visit e.g. Qarn Mahatta (or Wadi Baw with the graveyard) safely or would you recommend us to try to find an Omani with a car to drive with us or bring us there?
- Another thing would be the track in the Huqf are to see the rudist reef, "stone age flint", pinackle etc. Perhaps there is a new approach possible from the the cross road (Muhut - al Hayma)?
-The last question: we saw already Qarat Kibrit , is it worth driving to Qarn al Sahmah salt dome?
Thank you very much for your reply! Should you ever come to southern Germany we would be glad to help you as well - Lenka
Geantwoord op: 18:52 15-10-2012

Although real offroad becomes easier with new roads every year the desert remains a place to be careful, see http://home.kpn.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/oman/GetPrepared.htm . I would never advise anybody to travel alone offroad. The sites you are asking for in the Huqf are rather sensitive and that's the reason I do not distribute coordinates freely. Hope you understand. Qarn Sahmah is a nice place, yes another salt dome, but special on its own because of its very size (big).

13:07 10-09-2012
Hi Jan,
awesome website! I saw that you visited the Oman between September and October. We'll leave in a week. Can you tell me what temperatures you had a night? (via email please) We're going to camp and I don't know which sleeping bag to take...
Geantwoord op: 19:49 10-09-2012

Depending on whether you sleep under the sky or in a tent, in mountains or in the desert plains. If outside it could be windy, but not cold at all (except above 2000m in mountains). Something rather thin. We often used a loose blanket if it got a bit colder, but that would be Nov-Dec-Jan, or up in the mountains

15:45 20-08-2012
hi Jan,
thanks a lot for sharing your information. it's really precious.

I hope you will have some time to help me.

I'll be going to Oman next December 2012 for around 10 days. I'd like, if possible, some advice about what's doable in terms of Wadi/treck considering that my 3 years old son will be with me.

My idea is to make base in Muscat (for scuba diving) and in a couple of other locations like maybe Nizwa and one desert camp and have some day trip from there since I cannot drive long and exstenuating hours with him in the car.

Any advice in terms doable wadis, good desert camp, desert guides?

thanks a lot
Geantwoord op: 20:36 20-08-2012

Hi Antonio,
10 days should allow quite a bit from Muscat. Nizwa is approx 2 hrs driving, and in same time you could also get up on Jabal Akhdar where there are two hotels now to stay. To get into one of the Oman Mountain wadis you also face a few hours of driving before you get there. For desert camp you can't escape a long drive to the Wahiba (Al Sharqia) sands. That is at least half-day away. Remember that Oman is a desert country, but that does not mean that a 'classical sand desert is around the corner. Most of Oman's desert beyond the mountains in the interior consists of bare gravel plains with the real sand dune areas far, far away. Small children prefer the water and the sand and that you can find in one of the new hotels near Muscat much easier, but you won't see much of Oman. You will have to balance a bit. Most info on the various trips is on website with references to other guides. So you will have to do a bit of reading.... Wait a few years and you can do much more.


01:53 10-08-2012
hamid alzeidi
Hi friends ,
very nice trips and also very nice pictures you uploaded. you had visted many places in oman i am omani and i never visite these places. thank you and i hope you come again to oman and to my village ( Wadi Fida ).
please let me now when you read this feedback,
my email :
raiser.77@hotmail.com" target="_blank" rel="external nofollow">praiser.77@hotmail.com
my phone number:
+968 95511457

Thank you
Geantwoord op: 16:27 12-08-2012

Thanks for the nice words. Enjoy and be proud of Oman


01:46 10-08-2012
hamid alzedi
Hi friends ,
very nice trips and also very nice pictures you uploaded.
you had visted many places in oman i am omani and i never visite these places.

thank you and i hope you come again to oman and to my village ( Wadi Fida ).

please let me now when you read this feedback,

my email :


my phone number:

+968 95511457

Thank you
07:48 24-01-2012
Ruud en Bianca
Beste Jan,
Wij vertrekken eind feb naar Oman. We gaan een weekje kamperen en willen met een 4wd op pad. We lezen echter in de kleine lettertjes bij de verhuurmaatschappijen dat zelfs de 4wd niet verzerkerd is als er off road iets gebeurd! Heb je een tip voor ons? Evt een verhuurmaatschappij waar we wel goed verzekerd op pad kunnen?
We zijn overigens nog op zoek naar de trekking guide van Oman (explorer) -> nergens meer te krijgen. Weet jij misschien een adresje?
Alvast bedankt voor je hulp
Gr. Ruud en Bianca
Geantwoord op: 19:33 24-01-2012

Ben geen lawyer, maar even 2 punten:
1) Helemaal offroad zonder tracks is vrijwel onmogelijk in de bergen en niet aan te raden in de woestijn, zeker als je maar met 1 auto bent.
2) Er zijn overal goede gravel wegen of tracks die je naar de mooiste punten voeren, dus er is geen noodzaak voor offroad. Een 4WD is goed voor de slechte wegen!

Wat betreft goede guides. Ik heb net op Amazon.com gekeken en daar zijn ze allemaal te koop (probeer maar eens "Oman Explorer" in Amazon search. Je kunt ze ook in Oman kopen. Overigens de routes die daarin staan gaan nergens offroad (in de strikte zin van het woord).
Bij het huren van autos wel opletten of dat geen soort lease-auto is maar een volledige huurauto. Sommige goedkope firmas gebruiken lease autos die niet voor verhuur zijn en als daar een ongeluk mee gebeurt dan kan dat problemen geven. Vraag naar goede banden en een rollover bar is ook niet weg.

Nooit alleen offroad!!!

14:58 15-01-2012
Ludo Mooi
Hallo Jan,

Wat een geweldige rijsverhalen hebben jullie op deze site staan.
Ik ga volgende week donderdag weg naar oman en wil de trip van Wakan to Hadash Walk lopne.
Zou je voor mij het Google eart bestand KML willen toe sturen. dan kan ik die importeren in de navigatie. Het linkje is er niet meer.http://home.kpn.nl/lilian_jan_schreurs/oman/WakHad.htm
Gr Ludo
Geantwoord op: 17:27 15-01-2012

Die staat op de website.
Gewoon op de map drukken en dan de plek opzoeken


15:18 02-01-2012
Hi, you guys, I'm trying to get in touch with a first cousin of mine I haven't seen in years, named Alban ROVIRA.He is the son of Jean Rovira, deceased for many years, and Yvette, presently living in Avignon. He is married to Yvonne and they have two children. My Mum in Perpignan has been telling us stories of how they were getting on; phone calls between the two sisters in law, now in their 80ies; same again this Xmas, and when we get to the exciting bit, like they are no longer at the other end of the world but next door so to speak, she cannot provide the interesting details!!! Grrr!! So like a message in a bottle, since he wrote some stuff posted on your blog, I'm trying to get in touch with him through you. I live in Calais France and my elder son has been living and working in London for over two years, he got married over a year ago; a get together might be fun! Please do get in touch, I've left my professional e mail, the Hughes bit comes from my husband. Wherever you are, best wishes for 2012, Nancy
Geantwoord op: 17:49 02-01-2012

Looks like the Alban we know. I will get you in contact with him as soon as he is back from leave in France.

09:32 02-01-2012
Beste Jan,

Erg leuk om te 'surfen' door jullie trips in Oman.
Wellicht domme vraag: wij plannen een 10-daagse vakantie in Oman. Staan nu voor de keuze met of zonder chauffeur. Voorkeur is zonder, maar ik weet niet goed welke stukken ik dan moet overslaan. Ik wil de bekende 'sites' rond Nizwa allemaal zien. Kan dat met 4wd zonder chauffeur? Idem naar Wahiba Sands. Kan het stuk Nizwa tot Sur ook zelf? Het stuk in Wahiba tot een tentenkamp wordt je opgehaald door iemand van het kamp, dus dat is geen probleem (schijnt). Ik heb geen 4wd ervaring, graag je advies waarvoor bij voorbaat dank.
Vr. groet, Jeroen
Geantwoord op: 11:30 02-01-2012

Nizwa en Sur is allemaal met gewone auto's te doen op moderne en nieuwe wegen (er is erg veel aangelegd in de afgelopen jaren). Haalt ook een beetje avontuur weg, maar daar hoef je dus niet bang voor te zijn. Geen chauffeur nodig op de routes die jullie willen zien!



07:44 31-12-2011
Yuri Gijselman
Hallo familie Schreurs,

Erg informatieve website. Ik ben sinds 2006 in Oman en doe graag off-road tochten. Ik heb al eens eerder de North en South Huqf trip gedaan, maar ben helaas de gps-track kwijt geraakt. Als jullie die nog hebben, zouden jullie die kunnen opsturen via mijn e-mail adres?

Bij voorbaat dank en een prettige jaarwisseling,

Yuri Gijselman.
Geantwoord op: 10:04 31-12-2011

Ik neem apart contact op. Dit om het gebied te beschermen. Vriendelijke groeten, Jan

15:55 17-12-2011
paul hagemeijer
Hoi Jan,
Wat een site!
We proberen in kontakt met jullie te komen, kan je proberen terug te bellen. 070-4476578
grt Paul
13:16 03-12-2011
Ian Hawkridge
Hi Jan. I lived and worked permanently in both Northern and Southern Oman from March 1974 to December 1985. A wonderful time to be there, and I feel very priveliged to have both seen and to have been a very small part of helping Oman to be brought slowly into the 20th century. I still remember the night I was invited into an Omani friends house in Seeb village, for the switch on of the electricity supply. The look on all of the villagers faces was out of this world.

To visit Muscat in those days you had to drive along the very scenic but narrow road that led out of Muttrah. Up into the hills until you were then looking down onto the city and then follow the bumpy and winding road down that led to the old city gates, which towerd imposingly above you,
What an experience it was, the first time that I made that journey.

To sum up. What a wonderful counrty and such very friendly people.

Thanks for making the website so very interesting.

Ian Hawkridge
Geantwoord op: 17:19 04-12-2011

I could not agree more. Thanks for your kind words.

11:30 02-11-2011
Keith Swenson
Hello Jan,

Just found this website and book marked for future reference. I lived and worked in Oman as field manager of the White Oryx Project on the Jidda Al Harasis for a time. Living among the bedu left an impression that will be with me for life. I was fortunate to have seen perhaps the last of an era. Since leaving Oman, I have been permanently in Mongolia where white oryx are revered as a powerful healing creature among nomads and shamans here. I'll visit this site again as I look over my field notes of those years.


Keith Swenson (or, "Khalfan" if you talk to any of the older Harsusi)
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