Feel free to ender feedback and suggestions on the Schreurs travel pages


11:55 22-04-2010
Ineke Ebbers
Hi Jan,
thanks again for an interesting story re Wadi Baw. We compared it with our recent Harassi trip, guided by a local Harassi guide (Luti) last December and found we just touched the northern tip of your Wadi Baw (7 kms in between). Fantastic area!

Re your polution remark: we are also sad to find so many plastic bags, most of the time filled with carbage as a proof of 'we had a nice barbecue and this is the proof of it.' A lot of westeners don't know how vegetables grow but they do know plastic bags grow in Omani trees. The government place signs how to keep Oman clean, however, might I get RO 1/-- for every piece of carbage I see thrown out of a car window, I should be rich. Thanks to the Asian cleaners some roads are kept clean anyway. We quite often meet Omanis cleaning up their lunch/dinner carbage, they all place it in a plastic bag, and we say to each other: yeah - they learn! Unfortunately there it stops. They leave the full plastic bags just under the trees - quite nice for foxes, birds, goats to try to reopen the bag and litter the environment even worse. So quite often we return home with more materials than packed ourselves, just to throw away these full plastic bags in the carbage container in Medinat Qaboos..... It makes us terribly angry and a lot of beautiful sports are terribly destroyed and just a carbage belt! We are supporting your struggle.
08:48 24-03-2010
Hamad Al Shuaily
Kindly I would like to thank you for the enormous and great efforts you and your family spend in preparing this website, it is very useful. I have noticed that in most places I visited I did not cover everything mentioned in your site. In future I will be using this as guide.
Thank you and all the best,
Geantwoord op: 14:25 24-03-2010

Hi Hamad,
Thanks for the nice words. If I miss anything tell me as well.

06:11 23-03-2010
Hi Jan,
Found your report on visit to Khasbar very interesting. It reminded me I had an article written about it already. So I've updated it and made reference to the cave paintings you visited. All the best on your exploration of Dhofar. Hope you go back again soon!
See http://rosmee.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/khasbar-qasbar-fort/ for details.
Geantwoord op: 15:19 23-03-2010

Hi Ross,
Thanks for the interesting reference. The most complete description that I have come across. I now even more regret not having had the time to walk a bit further. Included your link on my story. This is what they call fully cross-referenced now. Great stuff and thanks. Jan

09:22 27-12-2009
Hi Jan
first of all thank you for creating this site , i have been following your trip for some time now and it has give me good idea for camping during Eid and other holidays.

i have noticed that you change the GPS units in some of your trips.
e.g. N21 01 58.9 E57 42 08.4 (hddd*mm'ss.s"
N22 46.068 E58 00.521 (hdddd.ddddd)
22° 26' 28.2559" N - 56° 43' 13.0124" E (GWS 84 Lat/Lon, decimal seconds)
it gets a bit confusing to find the right unit on the GPS , the first e.g. N21 01 58.9 E57 42 08.4 is the most common unit used ( i think) i have a Gramin 60CSx. so i would really appropriate if you guide me on how to use the other coordinates on my GPS (specially the last coordinates).and by any chance if you have used the Oman Off-Road explorer the units/format used are not easy to read, what is the best way to read/Convert them to hdddd.ddddd or hddd*mm'ss.s"

Geantwoord op: 05:33 28-12-2009

Hi Yasser,
I am sure you can change the coordinate options in your Garmin 60CSx. Just read the manual carefully. It can cope with "decimal" coordinates. I would recommend that anyhow because you also need to understand what coordinate system you are using. If I report UTM coordinates they are always with reference to the WGS 84 projection, but you may find others reporting with reference to the "Oman" grid. The differences can be up to several kilimetres in South Oman. A GPS is nice, but you have to ensure you know how to use it and not always blindly trust it. The Offroad explorer explains very well about such coordinate system (there is a little dedicated chapter on page XIV). They report UTM (WGS 84 projection) as well as GEO coordinates. Currently I report mostly in Google Earth format (you must have seen a special page on my website with all that stuff). Even Google Earth allows imput in different ways (look at "Tools" and next "Option" selct 3D View Tab and you will see the selectionof different Lat/Long options.
Hope this helps


23:01 21-12-2009
Hello Jan
Are you intrested in amking Garmin aroutable map of your poi's & Tracks? I'm in map developing business and recently I launched a 3d Topo Map for Garmin GPS which covers UAE & Oman.
Geantwoord op: 05:41 22-12-2009

Not sure, most of the stuff is already on Google Earth and I already have a Garmin map road map covering Oman (way beyond that is loaded in the navigation maps that Garmin is selling and is only useful in Greater Muscat Area). Roads in Oman are rapidly changing and to cover whole of Oman is not an easy task.

08:04 18-11-2009
Yuri Gijselman
Hallo Jan,

Ik zie dat jullie nog steeds elke maand trips maken.

Ik heb nog niet echt een off road club gevonden die zo vaak gaan als jullie. Is het dan ook mogelijk om eens met jullie mee te gaan?

Ik heb op het moment een 1994 Toyota 4Runner, heb al eens in woestijn gereden en vaker Jabal Shams, Jabal Akhdar en Salmah plateau.

Ik hoor het wel.


18:59 13-11-2009
Jacob Dijkstra
Hallo Jan en familie,

Wat een geweldige informatiebron is jullie site. Een beetje uit de hand gelopen hobby....? Het komt heel goed van pas bij onze geplande reis van over een paar weekjes. We gaan 3 weken door Oman toeren met een 4WD. We willen zoveel mogelijk camperen en lekker op eigen houtje het land ontdekken.
Ik heb nog een paar vraagjes.
We hebben thuis twee soorten brandertjes die je op gasflesjes kunt prikken: één voor het Europese huis-tuin-en-keuken blauwe flesje (campinggas) en de andere voor een flesje van het Amerikaanse merk Cole. Welke soort kleine gasflesjes worden in Oman verkocht?
Als we in Oman aankomen, willen we eerst wat etens- en drinkwaren en een gasflesje kopen voor onderweg. Zijn er behalve Muscat, genoeg mogelijkheden om dit soort dingen in te slaan. We willen nl. van Seeb gelijk richting Nizwa. Zijn er onderweg mogelijkheden voor het kopen van bovengenoemde zaken?
We hopen op een reactie van jullie.
Met vriendelijke groet,

Geantwoord op: 03:11 14-11-2009

In Muscat zijn er winkels waar je dat soort spul kopen kunt. Dichtbij Seeb is dat alleen in de grote Carrefour hypermarket (ja die heb je hier ook). Daar heb ik Coleman gezien, maar in Muscat is het Campingas. Daar kun je ook tenten, stoele en etenswaar inslaan. Carefour ligt vlak bij Seeb op weg naar Nizwa, maar wel aan de 'andere' kant van de weg. Ik denk dat je elders geen mogelijkheden hebt, maar zeker weten doe ik dat niet. Ik verwacht het niet. Die dingen zijn niet duur dus zou ik gewoon compleet kopen dan heb je geen probleem. Gebruik zelf grote re-vulbare Camgingas flessen

18:53 03-11-2009
Jan Schreurs
Website homepage has changed to
Oman Pages to:
08:54 01-11-2009

Your website is a wonderful source of information for Oman. I believe it is an unique compilation of tourism, history, geology that let's you discover Oman.

The website is not working today, and all links appear to be dead. Is there anything wrong?

Thank you for your hard work.
Geantwoord op: 15:39 01-11-2009

The service provider has changed the URL and has put a Dutch message referring to new URL, which many will not understand. I will have to change all links manually and that will take some time. Thank KPN in the Netherlands for some poor planning and changing without warning. If you click on the buttons you will get to the right places.

13:29 29-09-2009
Jihad Shbatat
your web site is a master piece of art.
Thank you for sharing it with others.
I wish you all the best.
Kind Regards,
10:37 07-09-2009
Mariette Verdaasdonk
Hi Jan,

I've visited and enjoyed your site many times, thanks a lot for sharing all your information!!

I share your worries about Oman's environment, but apart from taking care myself, expressing my concern and supporting eso, I don't know how to contribute. Do you have any suggestions?

Geantwoord op: 16:24 07-09-2009

Taking care yourself and passing that message to others whenever there is an opportunity. Some call it leading by example...

14:27 26-08-2009
Hi Jan,

thanks again for the comments and in particular the Google maps link. Just as a last comment it would be nice to have the individual tracks directly "clickable" by slightly changing the way tracks are linked, for example:

http://maps.google.com/?q=http://home.hetnet.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/mapoman/WShab.kmz instead of http://home.hetnet.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/mapoman/WShab.zip

Geantwoord op: 14:52 26-08-2009

Hi Andreas. KMZ files are not recognised by webserver that I am using (don't ask me why not) and that's why I renamed them to zip files. The files on the www.maps.google.com are straight kmz files.

11:12 26-08-2009
Hi Jan,

I recently discovered this page during our early Oman travel preparation phase, while it appears to be very helpful for our future plannings. Hence first of all thanks a lot for all the time you spent on the several tour descriptions, pictures and track recordings.

Considering the various tracks - is there an option to download all GPX-/KML-files at once, for instance in one big archive? For me it appears to be advantageous to concatenate the all in one large file, being able to selectively display them in Google Maps/Earth.

Thanks a lot,
Geantwoord op: 12:26 26-08-2009

Already done if you go to http://home.hetnet.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/mapoman/OmanGoogiline.htm
You will see all the tracks that I have made available in Google Earth and all linked on a map. Just a listing of kmz files has no value as you would not know what the files are all about. These tracks are also made public on Google maps. If you search for "Oman Travel Map" and add Schreurs to the sarch you will find everything listed as well. The link is http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=109906013319078938361.0004694d79bcfb1a0861d&ct=onebox&cd=20&cad=docsearch,cid:16382215104652695411&geocode=FQvvXQEdi9dtAw

06:25 25-07-2009
Rex Wijnhoven
Hallo Jan,
Een geweldige site heb je, met veel informatie. Leuke tripjes om te doen in de vrije dagen. Heb je de tracks misschien ook in GPX formaat zodat ik ze gelijk kan downloaden in mijn Garmin GPS 60CSX. Ik ben niet zo handig in het overzetten van KML naar GPX, althans ik ben er nog niet achter gekomen hoe dat te doen. Hopelijk kun je me helpen.
Geweldig werk hebben jullie gedaan! Bedankt!
Geantwoord op: 07:23 25-07-2009

Heb voor Google Earth Format gekozen omdat dit heel snel bijna de universele standaard geworden is. Je kunt die files heel makkelijk omzetten met http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/gpsbabel/
Groeten Jan

00:43 03-05-2009
Hi Jan..
Thank you very much for creating such great website..
this website contains all the useful informations about any part of Oman.
It'll surely help and guide everyone to explore Oman

I will contact you to take your valuable informations as soon as I plan my next trip.

Thanking you once again.

Ruwi, Muscat
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