Feel free to ender feedback and suggestions on the Schreurs travel pages


14:02 15-04-2009
Allan Pither
Good Morning Jan:

Came to your site via: Earth Observatory: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/

And they put a link to your geology of Oman: Schreurs, J. (2007, April 27). Geology of Oman 2007. Accessed April 14, 2009: http://home.hetnet.nl/~lilian_schreurs/GeologyOman/Geology.htm

Very nice and thank you for sharing.

University of Florida
06:36 01-04-2009
Yvette de Kreij
Hallo Jan,
Wat een fantastische site heb je gemaakt ! Wij wonen al 5 jaar in Dubai en hebben heel veel wadi's al gezien en komen nu pas achter jouw site !
Wonen jullie nog in Oman ? Wij willen aankomend weekend de Chains gaan doen en daarna Wadi Bani Awf...........Echter de weersvoorspellingen zijn slecht, veel regen. Is dit raadzaam. Kamperen in de Wadi Hawasinah.......is daar een kans op Flooding ??? We komen er mett de Oman Off Road niet echt goed uit of die kampeerplaats 'veilig' ligt. Dank alvast voor het advies.
Vriendelijke groeten uit Dubai
Geantwoord op: 06:40 02-04-2009

De regen hangt samen met een depressie in het noorden. Kamperen in wadis zou ik niet doen. Ik zou ook rijden door de bergen vermijden. Veel wadis zijn smal en er zal altijd wel eentje zijn die water voert. De scholen waren eergisteren dicht. Tot nu toe geen echte problemen, maar veel wadis hebben gestroomd. Ik zou het zelf niet doen.

12:00 09-01-2009
Raid Al-Zidi
Hi , I read about your trip to Fida 2006, which is our village .
i hope you visit us again .
there is any nice places to visit
this is our website www.wadifida.net
16:52 18-11-2008
Laurence Garey
I was interested to see your mention of the crashed RAF Venom on Jebel Akhdar. You were kind enough to give a link to my article on the subject, but the one you give is out of date. I give an account of the Jebel Akhdar War and the Venom site on: http://l.garey2.googlepages.com/home
We also visited the site on 30 August 2008, exactly 50 years after the crash.
Geantwoord op: 18:26 18-11-2008

Will update the link and would love to add a bit more there. Could you tell me more about that visit and perhaps the story around that.

06:15 18-11-2008
Steve Manthorpe

Firstly thanks for such a great website.

I read your Dec2006 trip through the Umm As Samim. We're planning to follow a similar route this December with 3 cars.

Have you heard any more about the requirement for a permit to go near the Saudi border?

Also - is the track in this area clear? Around here there's a long gap between your waypoints, but you describe a good gravel track - is it reasonably straighforward to follow, keeping an eye on the compass?


Geantwoord op: 15:00 18-11-2008

No I don't know about permits. We have been there last year. Have not heard of somebody being stopped. The track is absolutely straightforward. No need for compass. There is no other way un less you want to conquer some dunes

14:17 27-09-2008

I have read about your travels to Oman. We would like to go hiking for a day. But we do not have a 4-wheel drive. Is it possible to reach starting point of W6 or W6a with a saloon car.? Can you recommend other short hikes in Oman (4-7 hours). We are in Oman in early october.

Kennet, Denmark
08:34 26-09-2008
rob stephens
Hello Jan,
We've been living in Dubai for the last 4 years and visit Oman regularly for weekends and holidays
thanks and congrats for the fantastic website which is easily the best for the natural history and culture of oman.

kind regards

14:39 06-08-2008
Alex en Sophia Bakx
Hoi Jan en Lilian,

Ik heb ff bij jullie op de site gekeken en laat jullie meteen mijn adres achter.
Jullie zitten in een idiaal land, veel zon dus veel dorst

Groetjes en we mailen ons, Alex en Sopia
15:23 05-08-2008
sabina a
Riyam Park to Muttrah Walk. This is a great trek and we have done it a few times now. However, the last time we did this walk, we were greeted by a pack of very wild dogs (about 5 or 6) at the end when you climb the hill and are overlooking the cemetery - we had entered their territory. They started closing in on us, but luckily one of the others was able to throw a rock at one of the dogs and they went away. Very frightening experience and glad we made it out ok. Please make sure you do not do this trek alone and be sure to tell others where you will be.
15:53 04-08-2008
Yaser Fahdi

Thanks alot for producing such web site about my country .. really I like the site very much and the way you organise it ..
Pardon me to call your page (The Encyclopaedia of Oman) as it covers most of the Omani states.

Thanks once again,
13:24 03-07-2008
jenny schreurs
Dad- youre latest story on the gravesite is one which fascinates me most. Indeed- a splendid extended essay or topic worth examining in more detail. Its great that some veterans have responded- maybe they could give a more detailed description of what really happened? x
09:12 25-06-2008
David Rose
One of the best sources of information on Masirah that I have come across. Thanks to my friend 'Robby' for passing on the link.
I served at RAF Masirah July 1968 - October 1969. Incredible memories of the place including the fishing, my first stab at sailing which I carried on for many years, and most memorable would be the Turtles laying their eggs. We had a dawn patrol that lifted the exhausted turtles back to the water line as they would have been roasted by the rising sun if they had been left.
Thanks very much for a great site but in particular for the Masirah section.
All the best
14:20 22-06-2008
Nick Ofield
Thank you for visiting the Mina Al Fahal cemetary, where many of my comrades are burried. It serves as a reminder that these brave men gave their lives in order that Oman can be free for you all to live and explore it in freedom and safety.
17:35 29-01-2008
Juma Al-Belushi
Hi Jan,
Thanks for sharing your excellent trips with the rest of us. I have no doubt that many will follow your routes which you descriped in a truly professional way. Thanks for the many warnings about the dangers associated with the desert of Oman - its easy for people to underestimate when they drive their brand new 4x4!

Greetings to you & family,

now I am gussing that verstuur means submitt!!
08:54 03-12-2007
Hello Liljan + Jan,
Since 4 years we are living in Oman now and since from the very first day your website was a fantastic tool to us to explore and get to know beautiful Oman. Since today we are regular visitors to your site. This is to express our sincere thanks to let us share your wide knowledge and experience. We hope you will continue to post trips and information.
Best regards
Kordula + Herve Corvest
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